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Welcome to Kpop Profiles! I have created a page for all the top Korean Pop groups out there. Along with the profiles on the groups there is also detailed information on all of their members. Kpop groups is a list of all the most popular Kpop groups in the industry. Only interested in song lists? Kpop songs provides a list of all the top Korean Pop songs.
If you are interested in listening to any of the songs just click on the link in their profile and you can watch the YouTube video of them. If you are new to the music, I would have to recommend checking out the group SNSD. They have been one of the top groups internationally for many years now and have produced a number of popular hits.

Best Kpop Groups                         Newest Added Groups

SNSD                                                                                BTS

BIG BANG                                                                         6 Bomb

SUPER JUNIOR                                                               GOT7

2NE1                                                                                 BTOB

SHINEE                                                                             B.A.P

EXO K                                                                                VIXX

Fun Facts about Korean Pop

The genre of music is best known to be started in 1992 by the group Seo Taiji and & Boys. This was because they integrated a ton of foreign musical and morphed it into what you see K Pop is today. The modern music today consists of a lot of Dance, choreographed ballad, electronic, hip-hop, R&B, rock and a little bit of metal. What i personally find so interesting about this music is how the its presence has grown so rapidly internationally. Japanese was where that first true wave sparked, mostly consisting of teens and younger adults. Over the past few years many of the groups now do tours across all continents. They tend to call these “World Tours” like many of the bands in the United States do.

Fan culture is also very unique that you do not see much anywhere else. Fans of each group create their own fan clubs where they like to keep up with all the news and try to attend any of the public outings by the members of that particular group. Concerts can sometimes get loud as they will either sing with the groups or calling each members names as they sing/dance certain parts of songs.

The groups themselves all work for Entertainment Agencies that will first train and then manage each group individually.

If there any any groups or songs that not currently on the list and you would like it added, feel free to email me.

Thanks for stopping by.

  • sakura shawol

    i am the shawol
    i like shinee very much
    sarahaeyo shinee (^_^)

  • rain

    i like 2ne1 so much.fighting.

  • jina

    i am huge fan of exo..exo bias is kim joon myun

  • mike

    hello!! i love bts,infinite and also exo…..espicially their songs… ♥♥♥