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Welcome to Kpop Profiles, Kpop songs provides a list of all the top Kpop songs. While Kpop groups is a list of the most popular Kpop groups in the industry.
Clicking on an Kpop member profile will provide further information on each artist member and also what songs they have made as a group.
If you are interested in listening to any of the songs just click on the link in their profile and you can watch the YouTube video of them. If I could recommend a Kpop group if you are new to the music, it would be SNSD. They have been one of the top groups for many years now and have produced a number of popular hits.

Best Kpop Groups                         Newest Added Groups

SNSD                                                                                BTS

BIG BANG                                                                         6 Bomb

SUPER JUNIOR                                                               GOT7

2NE1                                                                                 BTOB

SHINEE                                                                             B.A.P

EXO K                                                                                VIXX

If there any any groups or songs that not currently on the list and you would like it added, feel free to email me from the contact pages.

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  1. i am the shawol
    i like shinee very much
    sarahaeyo shinee (^_^)